Lyubenko Yaroslav Mukhailovuch

Head of Sector of standardization and scientific technical information

Tel. (032) 252-11-10

Fax. (032) 252-27-78


Sector functions:

    •   Organization of development and technical regulations expertise, national and interstate standards, technical tasks on terminology, manufacturing, control methods, trials, transport, storage veterinary medicinal products (chemotherapy, biological, disinfectants, antiseptics), foodstuffs of animal origin, foods and feed additives for farm and non-productive animals, veterinary medicine services with the purpose of standardization, harmonization with the requirements of WTO and EU.
    • Preparing communications (notifications) and comments for Ukraine trading partners, complying with the requirements Agreements of World Trade Organization, according the national information centre ISONET WTO procedure.
    • Collaboration with standardization bodies, enterprises (institutions) – standard uses, consumer associations, trial centers, conformity assessment bodies and other interested parties.
    • Creation and maintenance fund of regulations, scientific and technical literature, legal and regulatory acts.
    • Scientific, methodical and consultative assistance to other entities standardization and standards uses, consumers under the conditions of current Ukraine law.
    • Organization of technical supervision for the development of themes in standardization, attached to the Technical Committee (further TC), provide consultations and proposals for the performers to the customer of these topics.
    • Organization of seminars, scientific and practical conferences etc.
    • Publishment and distribution of information materials and documents, concerning Institute activity and TC standardization in printed and electronic mass media.
    • Preparing documents and materials on the Institute activities and Technical Committee secretariat, concerning standardization, for consideration of Derzhspozhyvstandard of Ukraine.
    • Determining of the priority of direct introduction international and regional standards in Ukraine.
    • Organization of standards registration and accounting, completion and storage of standards control examples, other standard documents, instructions, guidelines, analysis for using of standards, instructions, and guidelines.
    • Doing office management of regulatory documents registration, amendments and their removal by the lifetime.
    • Participation in research, design and experimental work, needed for standard development, study of advanced domestic and foreign experience, implementation of the international organizations recommendations for standardization.
    • Information management of Institute departments with standardization documents, public and political, scientific and technical, economic and other literature, and also bibliographic materials about domestic and foreign achievements in science, technique and advanced manufacturing experience.
    • Complectation of library fund according to the Institute profile thematic plans of books publishing and catalogs of periodic publications.
    • Patent research of tasks mentioned in thematic plans complying with the requirements of SSTU
    • Patent research. “Substantive provisions. Procedure for compiling and arrangement”, SSTU 3574-97 “Patent formulary. Substantive provisions. Procedure for compiling and arrangement”, results of which reveal technical, technologic and legal status of scientific development.