State Scientific-Research Control Institute of Veterinary Medicinal Products and Feed Additives

(SSRCI of Veterinary Medicinal Products and Feed Additives) provides the secretariat TC 132.

TC 132 “Remedies and facilities of animal protection, foods and feed additives” was created on 16 April 1999, (The Order of Derzhspozhyvstandartu of Ukraine, N 185).

The scope of TC 132 concerns standardization:

– pharmaceutical products, products of plant, chemical, chemical and pharmaceutical origin, substances or their combinations, cosmetics, antiseptics, disinfectants, insect-acaricides, deratization products, etc. which are used in veterinary medicine and livestock;

– foods for farm and non-productive animals;

– feed additives (grain fodder, bran and waste from grain processing, oilcake, oilcake flour, shrots);

– balanced animal feed, forage mixtures, fodders, bear spent grains, bards, malt sprouts, bone flour feed, meat and bone flour, blood flour, feed enriches, fish flour, waste fish feed;

– pet foods, feed additives – feed protein, protein, vitamin and mineral concentrate, amino acids, enzymes, macro- and microelements, feed yeast, feed fats, antibiotics with non-medicinal function;

– products of animal origin (pharmaceuticals for veterinary use, animal reproduction products, blood products, internal secretion gland products, animal fats).

TC 132 includes two sub committees: “Remedies and facilities of animal protection” and “Feeds for farm and non-productive animals”

TC 132 objectives:

– participating in the implementation in Ukraine regulations for the purposes of abolishing trade technical barriers and creation database of documents, concerning veterinary medicinal products, feeds, feed additives, food products, methods of their control and safety, appropriated with the EU Directives, by developing national standards, harmonized with international documents;

– participating in the development of technical regulations for implementation in Ukraine, which are based on EU Directives, determining quality and safety of veterinary medicinal products and animal foods;

– canceling the existing in Ukraine interstate standards and brining them in line with WTO agreement on trade technical barriers;

– safety of equipment, used in veterinary medicine and livestock, improving quality system for disinfectants and environmental safety;

– a regulatory framework to meet the requirements of technical regulations;

– analysis of current international and European standards on the purpose determining their priority for implementation them in Ukraine;

– submission of proposals for the abolition of interstate standards, proposals for the formation of branch standardization plan.

Annualy TC 132 examines 30-35 regulations, developed by SSRCI of Veterinary Medicinal Products and Feed Additives co-workers and examines over 300 regulations from other scientific institutions of Ukraine.

TC 132 is cooperating with the State Committee for Veterinary Medicine of Ukraine, Derzhspozhyvstandartom of Ukraine, for instance with SE “UkrSRSC”, TC 149 “Veterinary biological medicinal products and facilities of veterinary medicine to work with them”, TC 158 “Livestock: technology, breeding and reproduction” and TC 140 “Milk, meat and processing products”.