Membership of the Committee For Reviewing Scientific Articles of the State Scientific-Research Control Institute of Veterinary Medicinal Products and Feed Additives


  1. MAZUR Iryna, Deputy Director for Scientific Work, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences – Chairman of the Commission
  2. YANOVYCH Dmytro, Deputy Director for Scientific Support of the Testing Quality System, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences;
  3. KUSHNIR Ihor, Head of the Laboratory, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences;
  4. CHAIKOVSKA Oleksandra, Editor-in-Chief, Head of the Sector, Candidate of Biological Sciences;
  5. BREZVYN Oksana, Scientific Secretary, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences.


For more information about activity of the Expert Committee for the Review of Scientific Articles, please contact Oleksandra CHAIKOVSKA:

Sample of an expert opinion on the possibility of publishing a scientific article (in Ukrainian)