T.I. Stets’ko – head of sector,
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
Tasks and functions of sector:
  • Development and improvement of control methods of antimicrobials concerning active substance contents.
  • Development of new control methods of determination of antibacterials and coccidiostats contents in feeds, premixtures and feed additives and improvement of existed ones.
  • Development of new methods of determination of antimicrobial substances in products of animal origin. Quality control of home and foreign antimicrobials during the process of registration and reregistration, selective control of home antibiotics during production.
  •  Development of new highly-effective chemotherapeutic means for treatment of animal bacterial infections.
  • Monitoring of microorganism resistance to antimicrobials that cause non-contagious diseases of bacterial etiology in animals.
  • Conducting of clinical tests of new antimicrobials on target species.
  • Scientific-methodic expertise of scientific-technical documentation on home antimicrobials for veterinary medicine.