The establishment of an independent state and the formation of competent authorities in the field of veterinary medicine caused the necessity of an independent scientific assessment and expertise of new veterinary medicinal products, feeds and feed additives, complying with international registration practice.

The main objectives of the State Pharmacological Commission of Veterinary Medicine (SPhCVM):

– review of research on development, trials and standardization of veterinary medicinal preparations with the purpose for determining their appropriateness for use in veterinary medicine and livestock;

– in developing of new veterinary medicinal products determining the main directions of scientific research;

– consideration (forming) assortment and nomenclature of medicinal products used in veterinary medicine, regulation of efficient and safe use for animal health and ecological purity of animal products;

– approval requirements for veterinary medicinal products, procedure of approbation, standardization, registration and usage;

– providing advice to organizations – developers of new veterinary medicinal products.

Considering the need of registration of home veterinary medicinal products, was developed second Provision, which was approved by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on May 7, 1998, the Resolution N 645, in regard to all veterinary medicinal products, placed on the Ukrainian market.

The main objectives of the (SPhCVM) were added by the following:

– organization of expert evaluation of materials (scientific researches, test samples and regulations), in regard to home and foreign veterinary medicinal products and feed additives for their registration, and also preparing and issuance of expert conclusions;

– development of Guidelines for application of veterinary medicinal products and feed additives;

– development of methods, organization and testing of veterinary medicinal products and feed additives, preparing recommendations for their registration, and also conclusions about use advisability;

– forming of the State Register of veterinary medicinal products;

– implementation of information support, forming database bank of veterinary medicinal products and feed additives, systematic publication of materials about registered new veterinary medicinal products;

– preparing of registration certificate (marketing authorization) and other documents;

– performing other functions arising out their task

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by the Resolution N 988 on July, 11 2002 approved the third Provision concerning State Pharmacological Commission of Veterinary Medicine.

SPhCVM, except tasks that were performed earlier, began to consider and agree:

– regulation on manufacturing, quality control and use of veterinary medicinal products;

– assortment and nomenclature of products;

– instructions and guideline on the use of veterinary medicinal products;

– methods of veterinary medicinal products examination, expediency of such registration;

– making use of unregistered products in Ukraine.