Ostapiuk Andrii Yurievich

Acting Director of the State Research Control Institute of Veterinary Drugs and Feed Additives, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences.

Tel. (032) 252-33-72, (032) 252-83-33
Е-mail: director@scivp.lviv.ua

Muzyka Viktor Pavlovych

Deputy Director on scientific work, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences.

Tel. (032)252-11-71, (032)252-44-27, (032)231-64-13
Е-mail: vmuzyka@scivp.lviv.ua

Kosenko Yuri Mykhailovych

Deputy Director on external economic links and scientific integration, Doctor of Biological Sciences.

Tel. (032)252-82-84, (032)252-11-93
Е-mail: ykosenko@scivp.lviv.ua

Levytsky Taras Romanovych

Deputy Director on Scientific Maintenance of Standardizaition, Certification and State Control in Veterinary Medicine, Candidate of agriculture Sciences.

Tel. (032)252-19-69
Е-mail: tlevytskyi@scivp.lviv.ua

Yanovych Dmytro Vadymovych

Deputy Director on trial quality, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences.

Tel./факс. (032)252-31-52
Е-mail: dyanovych@scivp.lviv.ua

Chvartkovskyi Andrii Volodymyrovych

Deputy Director for organizational and information work.

Tel. +380508475254
E-mail: scvip.lviv@gmail.com

Brezvyn Oksana Markivna

Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Senior Researcher Fellow, Scientific Secretary.

Tel. (032)252-33-72
Е-mail: obrezvyn@scivp.lviv.ua