Kyshnir Ihor Mychailovych  Laboratory chief, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences  Тел. (032) 231-80-92, 252-27-50 Е-mail: The main task of laboratory is development of quality control methods of veterinary medicinal products and feed additives, conducting of trials at registration and selective control of veterinary medicinal means, development and approbation of new control methods of veterinary medicinal means, non-sterile medicinal forms of veterinary medicinal products (powders, pills, liniments, ointments), determination of antimicrobial activity of medicinal products of plant and animal origin, conducting of expertise of home normative documents according to requirements of biological safety and also state control over the quality of veterinary medicinal products on the stages of manufacture, storage and realization.
The laboratory includes:
•Sector of control of medicinal products for poultry and carnivorous animals – V.V. Rehenchuk
The workers of sector conduct expertise of normative technical documentation and reproduction of control methods of medicinal means for poultry and carnivorous animals; expertise of certain stages of normative technical documentation “Harmonization of national standards to international and European ones”; preclinical and clinical trials of home and foreign medicinal products for veterinary medicine; approbation of medicinal means and determination of their efficacy under production conditions; application of modern instrumental methods of immune fermentive analysis for monitoring of blood serum of poultry and animals aiming at effective application  of specific prophylaxis.
The workers of sector pay great attention to issues on development of express-methods of determination of antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal effect of new synthesized and plant medicinal products, schemes and application methods of antimicrobial, antiviral medicinal products depending on sensitivity of extracted field isolates from animals and poultry, and they also render assistance on infectious and non-contagious diseases of animals and poultry.
Collaborators of laboratory conduct scientific research work in cooperation with leading institutions, namely: Lviv National University after I. Franko and scientific educational institute of ecology and biotechnology of National University of bio resources and management of nature of Ukraine in the sphere of development of instrumental methods at conducting of microbiological tests, especially in the sphere of determination of mechanical microparticles in sterile veterinary medicinal means, materials of which are protected by international patent for invention.
Functions of laboratory:
• Development of quality control methods of veterinary medicinal products and feed additives.
• Development of control methods of frozen sperm of bull at export-import operations.
• Development of methods of diagnostics and prophylaxis of chlamydia infection of productive animals.
• Development of control methods of probiotic medicinal products for productive and non-productive animals.
• Improvement of control methods of non-sterile medicinal means (powders, pills, liniments, ointments) on microbiological purity.
• Development of instrumental methods of safety and sterility determination of injection medicinal products.
• Development of control methods of vaccine efficacy against poultry viral diseases.
• Studying of efficacy control methods of antirabic vaccines in the system of combating of rabies of carnivorous animals.
• Expertise of home normative documents whether they meet requirements of biological safety.
• Approbation of new home and foreign veterinary medicinal products.
• Certification trials of veterinary medicinal products and feed additives.
• State control over quality of veterinary medicinal products at the stage of manufacture, storage and realization.