Functions of laboratory:
  • Сonduct the state surveillance and control over the quality of disinfective and antihelminthic medicinal products manufactured by companies for needs of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine.
  • Сonduct the approbation of disinfective and antihelminthic medicinal products of domestic and foreign production.
  • Develop new disinfective, antihelminthic, miticidal and insecticidal medicinal products.
  • Develop aerosol methods of using of medicinal products and biologically active substances used for treatment and prophylaxis of animal and poultry diseases.
  • Conduct the expertise of normative documentation on disinfective and antihelminthic medicinal products.
  • Conduct the selective control of quality of disinfective and antihelminthic medicinal products.
  • Develop practical recommendations due to trials of new disinfctive and antiparasitic medicinal products.
Main developments of laboratory:
The laboratory improves and implements control methods, conducts comparative evaluation of new disinfective means and antiparasitic medicinal products.
Together with National Agrarian University and Institute of Veterinary Medicine we worked out the guideline called “Veterinary disinfection, deodorization, disinsection, disinvasion, disinfestation” which was approved by Scientific-Methodic Council of State Department of Veterinary Medicine of Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine (protocol № 3) of 23.12.2005.
Control methods are worked out and improved, normative documentation on new domestic dicinfective means is validated. We developed and certified normative documentation on leaflets and modern highly-efficient, ecologically harmless disinfective means Crystall-700, Crystall-900, Crystall-1000 on their usage in the form of humid and aerosol disinfection of animal and poultry rooms in the presence of animals, poultry and objects which are subject to veterinary surveillance. We studied the application of these medicinal products for egg processing.