Participation of the Institute’s scientists in the International Forums ‘Dairy Farm’ and ‘Pig Complex’



Scientists of the Institute took part in two International Veterinary Forums “Dairy Farm” and “Pig Complex”, which took place in Lviv on 20-21 March. Yurii Kosenko, Deputy Director for International Cooperation and European Scientific Integration, Doctor of Biological Sciences, and Oksana Brezvyn, Scientific Secretary of the Institute, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, gave presentations on changes in veterinary legislation and the fight against mycotoxicosis.

The Pig Complex Forum was also attended by Iryna Mazur, Deputy Director for Research, PhD in Vet., and Mykola Verkholiuk, Head of the Agency for Veterinary Medicines and Feed Additives, PhD in Vet. Associate Professor. This event provided each veterinarian with valuable professional information aimed at improving animal health, efficiency of animal husbandry and profitability of the farm. The topics discussed by the speakers were relevant and widely applicable in practice. They included disease prevention, maintaining a high immune status in animals, effective methods of preventing stress in animals, high quality vaccination and hygiene of premises. The speakers paid special attention to the prevention of pathologies of the reproductive organs, treatment regimens to combat infectious diseases, experiences in reducing the culling of young animals and protecting the farm from veterinary pathologies. The Forum also discussed the selection of antibacterial drugs, the correct diagnosis of infectious diseases, and pathological examination and differential diagnosis.