Participation in the iInternational Practical Forum Poultry Farming 2024

Scientists of the Institute took part in the International Practical Forum Poultry Farming 2024, held in Lviv on 16-17 April.

Viktor Muzyka, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of the State Research Institute of Veterinary Preparations, gave a report on the directions and trends in the development of poultry farming in Ukraine. The speaker paid special attention to the approval of certain regulatory acts on the use of antimicrobial veterinary drugs in veterinary medicine and reporting on the volume of their use. He explained the established procedure for the use of antimicrobial drugs in veterinary medicine, considered the problems of microbial resistance to antimicrobial drugs in the concept of the global action plan of the World Organisation for Animal Health, the International Epizootic Bureau “One Health”. Viktor Pavlovych also explained the procedure for conducting monitoring studies of market operators on compliance with the requirements of poultry farms with poultry rearing technology and poultry products without the use of antimicrobials and/or without antimicrobial residues.

Oksana Brezvyn, Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor, Scientific Secretary, also presented an interesting report on preventing the spread of aspergillosis in poultry. The speaker analysed the role of pathogenic microscopic fungi, zoohygienic conditions of poultry husbandry and feeding in the epizootic chain of aspergillosis in poultry farms. She made a comparative description of the pathogenesis, clinical signs, pathomorphological changes in the process of diagnosing the disease in different species of poultry. She characterised the veterinary products used in the course of therapeutic, preventive and veterinary-sanitary treatments in farms to prevent the disease.

The event was moderated by Mykola Zhyla, Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor, Senior Researcher.

The Forum was also attended by Volodymyr Stybel, Doctor of Veterinary Science, Professor, Director of the State scientific-Research Control Institute of Veterinary Medicinal Products and Feed Additives, Irena Avdosieva, PhD in Vet., Senior Researcher, Sophia Temnenko, PhD in Economics, Senior Researcher, and Oleg Basarab, Head of the Poultry Sector.

It should be noted that this event has long been a landmark and one of the most authoritative discussion platforms where veterinary science and practice meet. As always, the Forum organisers have succeeded in creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which poultry practitioners, manufacturers of veterinary medicines, feed additives and feed, and scientists from leading universities and research institutes can share their experiences and discuss current issues in the industry.

The event was organised and partnered by Nashe Ptakhivnytstvo, a well-known agricultural magazine on modern technologies in industrial poultry farming.